Friday Fives: Five Favorite Apps

It's Friday, Friday...

Awesome. Of course, I now have that absolutely a-mazing song, running through my head. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, please feel free to watch the below video - not only because I love to share, but well, I can't be the only one stuck with this in my head:


The awesome folks over at Paper Hangover have a new topic for today's Friday Fives: What are your five favorite apps - be them writing related or not! Considering what I do for my day job, this is actually something near and dear to my heart (and all of the below are FREE and available on Android - so it's not just the iPhone peeps that get to have all the fun!). Without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorite apps:

1. Color Note: Super cool app that allows you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, email, message, shopping lists and to-do lists. AND, you can color coordinate the notes by subject - for instance, all of my writing ideas for one WIP is one color, and so on and so forth. Love. This. App.




2. Angry Birds: So not writing related - but the most addictive / fun game out there. Love.



3. WordFeud: Another fab game, akin to Scrabble - so technically, you could be learning new words for writing, while playing this game. Like how I spun that? :)






4. Write and Go: This is a really cool app for writers who want to jot down a quick note, manuscript idea, character trait, etc. - but what's even better? You can then email it to yourself for later.  



5. CardioTrainer: Again, so not writing related, but I absolutely love this app. Start it at the beginning of your run / walk workout, and it will link to a satellite and track your journey, time, calories burned, etc. - plus, you can even post straight to Twitter or Facebook to brag share with others! 

So those are my five favorite apps, but I won't confirm or deny that I may have over 200+ on my phone(s). Hey, a good app is like a great pair of shoes, right?

Taking heed from my lovely friend Katy Upperman, I'll leave you with a fun version of a Would You Rather question:

Would you rather give up your cell phone and all it's great apps, the instant ability to text and chat, and talk to friends and family for hours on end, for the rest of your life - or -  give up your TV forever, that square LCD of awesomness that gives you access to hours of reality tv, True Blood, and So You Think You Can Dance?

Happy Friday everyone!