Coming Soon: Banned Books Week Giveaway 9/24 - 10/1

As posted on the American Library Associations website, Banned Books Week (BBW) is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read, and the importance of the First Amendment - and this year, will take place from September 24th to October 1st.

Personally, I can't even believe in this day and age, that the censorship and banning of books, still even occurs. As a writer myself, I feel everyone should have the right to read, no matter what the content. Sure not everyone is going to agree. Of course subject matters are going to run the gamut of topics, some of which are purely out there for shock value. But if anyone finds a book in the least bit offensive, there's one very simple thing they can do:

Don't. Read. It. 

But dare you tell me I can't read it. Because as soon as you try, you can rest assured - I'll do whatever I can, to make sure I do.

I know this can be a very touchy subject, one that not everyone is going to agree with me on. But it's classic physchology folks! Tell someone they can't do something and they most certainly will. But give them the choice, give them the educated reasons behind your thoughts, and you may end up with a completely different outcome. And in the end, that's really what it comes down to - the freedom to choose!

So to honor Banned Books Week this year, I'll be participating in I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop. You'll have to check back on 9/24 to find out all the specifics - but it'll be a pretty basic point tally system, like you need to be a follower of my website (HINT: higher point value will be given to those who followed my blog prior to 9/24).

And what's up for grabs you might ask? Tsk, tsk, come back on 9/24 to find out! But I will say, there will be several books which have made their way onto the banned list - all of which I've read, and personally believe, have made me the better because of it!

Soooo, won't you come back on 9/24 and check out what's up for grabs? I hope to see you here!

With that, I'll leave you to answer one of these questions:

Do you believe censorship should / shouldn't be allowed? If so, why / why not?

Do you have a favorite book that's on THE LIST? Oh do please share!