Getting Published: Why Does It Take So Long!

Author Carrie Ryan - THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH and THE DEAD-TOSSED WAVES - just posted a great blog, as to why it takes so long to get a book published and onto the book shelves.



Her third book in the series - THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES - has already been written, but it's not set to release until Spring 2011.

So for those of us that are anxiously waiting...and waiting...and's a little insight, as to why.  Carrie gives the inside scoop on all that's involved, and why it can take 12 - 18 months, to get a book published.  

Read all about it on Carrie's blog, here:

I'd just like to say, that I'd like to volunteer myself up to personally test out this timeline.  Anytime.  I'm here waiting.  Just waiting for someone to want to publish my book.  

Yup.  Still waiting.