10 Signs You're a Writer...

There are a few tell tale signs that you are meant to do something specific with your life.  And whether or not you choose to recognize / acknowledge / or just plain ignore them, is entirely up to you.

Here are 10 signs that maybe, just maybe, you were meant to be a writer:

1.  You find yourself in front of your computer, still writing, when you hear your alarm clock going off...to wake you for your day job.
2.  You have absolutely no issues what-so-ever, dropping $20 on small writing journals - which you now keep everywhere (in your handbag, in your back pack, in the car, next to your bed...).
3.  Certain words make you break out in hives, sweat profusely, chew your nails, or worse...all of the above.  Words such as "Query", "Synopsis", and "One Sentence Pitch Lines" - okay, so the last one is 4 words...but they all still have the exact same effect.
4.  Without a second thought, you know exactly what the following logos stand for:

And you're probably an active user of them all, too!

5.  You also know and follow, the following individual, religiously:

And if for some incredibly insane reason you don't follow him - you REALLY, REALLY, need to.  He is the God of all things Literary:  
6.  You find it difficult to read just about everything and not want to look for grammatical errors...which then makes you wanna reach for your trusty red pen.

7.  You know the difference between affect and effect - and when to properly use them in a sentence.  It's like you've become a walking dictionary, without even knowing it.

8.  You start to pick up on the body language of others - wondering how and when you can incorporate what you see, into your current WIP (and you even know what WIP stands for).  

 For instance, someone else might just see a teen girl noisily talking on her cell phone.  

But you?  

It began with just a few looks in her direction, as she prattled on; mindlessly twisting a strand of her hair around her finger.  Suddenly, a pillow went sailing by, bouncing off her head.  But without skipping a beat in the conversation, she continued to chirp into her phone, only turning briefly to flip off whomever had thrown the pillow.

9.  You anxiously watch your email in-box...hitting refresh every two minutes...stepping away for just a moment....only to run back and hit refresh again...waiting for agents that you've queried...to respond.  

And even if the email you receive is the dreaded form decline (which then you hit refresh yet again, hoping that it will change how they responded), you're still glad that someone out there, acknowledged that you - you are writing a book.

10.  You find yourself dreaming that someday, some amazing literary agent will find your query letter amongst the thousands of others in their slush pile, and believe that YOU are the next J. K. Rowling.  

Hey, we all have to start somewhere - even the best of them did, too.