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Friday Fives: Five Favorite Writing Communities

Welcome to Friday! What a long week it's been, that's for sure! Probably because I took all of last week off on vacation...so this week decided to really sock it to me!

Anyhow, it's Friday (yeah!) and today's Paper Hanger Friday Fives topic?

What are your Five Favorite Writing Communities?

Here are mine:

1. WriteBrained Network: A great friend of mine, Bridgid Gallagher (she's the awesomeness that designed my website!) introduced me to this great on-line group of writerly pals, last year. Amazing writers, great community, and wonderful information. And, I head up the YA subgroup for the site - YAwesome Writers (catchy, I know!). Love this group of people - you should really jump on over there and join!

2. NaNoWriMo: I attempted this for the first time, last year - and won (I actually wrote well over the 50k word goal)! I'd been suffering a GINORMOUS case of writer's block for several months leading up to November, and wouldn't you know, NaNo and all the great people I met there, brought my muse out from hiding and gave a hefty kick to that crappy writer's block. Who knew a little competition and one small deadline were all I needed? Me thinks this bodes well if I ever do get published!

3. GoodReads: Okay, not sure if this is technically a writing community - but since a ton of writers hang out there, I think it counts. Love this site. Have met some fab-u-lous writers through GoodReads - not to mention, found some a-mazing reads!

4. Twitter: I never, ever, ever, thought I'd succumb to the madness that is Twitter. And the ONLY reason I did, was because of the huge writer / agent / editor community that takes part on it, every day. I've met so many wonderful people through Twitter. Even found really cool writerly contests. And besides, what better way to stalk, um I mean follow, agents you're interested in? 

5. QueryTracker.net: Another fab community of writers, all trudging through slush pile hell together! Patrick (he's basically the Wizard of Oz behind QT) is completely anal (yeah, I just said that out loud. On my blog. You're jealous. :) ) about keeping all of the content regarding agents & editors up to date. He's fab. And the site is one of my absolute favorites without a doubt. Although, it's basically put my excel spreadsheet on querying, out to pasture - and those who know me, know how I love me my excel spreadsheets, not to mention my lists!!! So that's got to say something.

Okay, so those are my five! Can't wait to hear everyone else's favorite writing communities - I'm always looking for more!