WWriter's Campaign

A Writer's Campaign: Won't You Join Me?

The fabulous YA writer Rachael Harrie over at Rach Writes, has decided to host her third Writer's Platform Building Campaign. And what exactly does that mean?

Well, for all aspiring authors and bloggers looking to increase their online platform - not to mention meet like minds in the process - this will be the forum to do so! What a fab idea it was, for her to throw us all together, huh?

During the Campaign, Rachael will be running Campaigner Challenges (I believe there will be prizes, too!) and she's also set up a Campaigner Yahoo Group here. Don't forget to check out any Twitter-talk at #writercampaign.

The details:

The campaign will run from August 22nd - October 31st. During this time, the 3 campaign challenges mentioned above, will run on the following dates, so mark your calendars:

1. First Campaigner Challenge - Monday, September 5
2. Second Campaigner Challenge - Thursday, September 22
3. Third Campaigner Challenge - Monday, October 17

So, pop on over to Rach Writes, check out all the details - and for cryin' out loud - won't you join me and sign up??