Friday Funnies

Blog Me MAYbe: Friday Funnies!

Yay! for Friday!!!

Man, it's been a tough week around the ole' Pink Palace (check out this article to find out why). And while I'm grateful I still have a job...I'm still so glad the weekend is finally here!

My plans for the weekend include: dinner and a movie (probably BATTLESHIP - mmmm, Alexander Skarsgard!), revisions, and shopping for carpet for the WHOLE house (jealous, I know...).

A few Friday Funnies I just had to post, as they made me laugh this morning!

At 4'11" on a good day, I know how he feels...

And yet, all the characters in my first book had lush, rolling waves of fiery hair!


I actually think I need this for myself!

And if you're a dog owner, this is one of the funniest Tumblr sites - most of which I shouldn't post to my blog:

Happy Friday, everyone - what are your plans for the weekend?