Debut Day

Welcome to the World, SUMMER OF SLOANE!

After more than eight long years, a couple hundred rejection letters, two agents, two editors, and too many sleepless nights to count, I cannot believe SUMMER OF SLOANE is finally here.

This truly has been one of the most surreal moments in my life and sometimes I can't believe I actually wrote a real book.

But before I break down into a blubbering mess, I'd just like to say thank you to all of my CP's, every single blogger, librarian, book seller, and all of my friends - both new and old - that have tagged along for this crazy ride -- your support means the world to me.

And in the off chance anyone would like to purchase an autographed copy of SLOANE, University Bookstore here in Seattle has them available to order and ready to ship worldwide! For more information, please go here.

Welcome to the world, SUMMER OF SLOANE -- I'm so happy you're finally here!