And The Winners Are...

Holy WOW -- this couldn't have been a closer competition! It literally came down to the wire, with the tie-breaking vote coming in 4 minutes before I closed the contest!

With a total of 34 votes, first place for my #SLOANEAroundTheWorld giveaway goes to:

7. Bea | Namsan Tower, South Korea

And second place goes to:

12. Carolina | Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Since the votes were so, so close, BOTH winners will be receiving a signed hard cover copy of SUMMER OF SLOANE, along with some cool swag -- I hope you don't mind the upgrade, Carolina!!!

#SLOANEAroundTheWorld Stats:

132 people stopped by and voted for their favorite image, breaking down the votes as follows:

1st Place: #7 Bea | Namsan Tower, South Korea with 34 votes.
2nd Place: #12 Carolina | Caldas da Rainha, Portugal with 33 votes.
3rd Place: Was a tie between two photos, both getting 16 votes each:
  A. #1 Lisa | Groningen, The Netherlands
  B. #6 Hazel | Camarines Sur, Philippines
5th Place: #2 Kim | North Sea, Sylt, Germany with 12 votes.
6th Place: #9 Lauren | Disneyland, California with 10 votes.
7th Place: was tied with 2 entries both getting 4 votes each:
  A. #4 Hannah | Marblehead Lighthouse / Lake Erie, Marblehead, Ohio
  B. #10 Sarah | Shubenacadie River, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
9th Place: #3 Rebecca | Kings Park, Western Australia with 2 votes
10th Place: #5 Daphne | Kaneohe Library, Oahu, Hawai'i with 1 vote  

No matter if you got 34 votes or zero, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who entered and took the time to take SLOANE around your part of the world -- I loved seeing it all!!!

And congratulations to both Bea and Carolina -- I'll pack up your boxes shortly and get them out to you asap!