What's Up Wednesday: 07.17.13

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by my ever-so-lovely YA writer friends, Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. The idea? Well, it's a great opportunity to touch base once a week with all of our blog friends and let them know what's up. Should you wish to join, head on over to Jaime's blog and sign up with the link widget at the bottom of her post! 


I'm participating in the YA Buccaneers Reading Mutiny Challenge for July - our version of a themed monthly bookclub - and this month it's around books all about ADVENTURE! So I picked up several from the list and just started reading WANDERLOVE by Kristen Hubbard on Sunday. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you (just click on the link for YA Buccaneers above!) - and of course, there are prizes involved!!! 

While running, I'm reading Jennifer Echols GOING TOO FAR. I'm really enjoying her books - perfect summer reads!


Writing Goals for this past week:

1. Relax. 
2. Send WTWF off to my CP's to have at it with their red markers! 

I sent off WTWF to my first round of CP's last week and have already received feedback from a couple of them that finished it SUPER FAST!

It's all exciting stuff and of course, I've received some great comments so far!

I plan on sending it out to my second wave of CP's this week, if not early next week!

So, writing goals for this week remain the same:

1. Relax. 
2. Send WTWF off to my second round of CP's to have at it with their red markers!

Oh! And if you're in need of some inspiration to write today - join the YA Buccaneers Word Sprint! Two rounds being hosted on Twitter tonight - the first is at 5pm PST and the second at 6:15pm PST! #YABWordSprint


All the amazing feedback I've been receiving from my CP's on WHERE THE WATER FALLS.

Each one of us has those moments where we wonder why it is we're even doing this silly thing called writing -- and sometimes it takes the encouraging feedback from others, to keep us going. 

That moment was happening for me over this past weekend and it just happened to be around the same time one my CP's left me a voicemail -- she had read my MS in one day and rushed to call me. And I kid you not, her voicemail actually made me well up with tears. Everything she said was so awesome and I loved every second of it...and needless to say, I'll be saving that one for those days when I wonder why it is I'm even attempting to write. <3.


Today is my wonderful CP and fellow YA Buccaneer, Heidi Sinnett's birthday!!! So a BIG shout out to Heidi - I hope you're having a WONDERFUL birthday today!!!

In other news, my husband is headed out of town for a couple of days on a guy's trip - which will leave the house here pretty quiet - but, he'll be back early Sunday morning just in time for us to venture into the city for the Bite of Seattle! A weekend where all the restaurants of Seattle converge and offer up their fares of great food, all in one location! And it's awesome.