What's Up Wednesday: 10.30.13

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I finished FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK by Melina Marchetta and started in on the next book in the series, FROI OF THE EXHILES. 

This series is just okay for me. I think mostly because I'm not in the frame of mind I probably need to be to read a YA Fantasy -- one where you need to pay attention to so many character names, city names, etc. And I find myself constantly having to flip to the map in the front of the book to see where the characters currently are / are going to next. 

The end of FINNIKIN definitely picked up for me, and while I have so many other fantastic books waiting to be read (hello, ALLEGIANT anyone!!!!), I knew it would be better to dive into FROI so I could keep track of everything. 


I recently shared some super exciting news on the writing front last week -- you can read all about it here and here

And what that all means is that I have some revisions ahead of me, which I'm very much looking forward to, since I haven't touched WTWF since the beginning of August!


I've said this one before, but seriously, my CP's are such an inspiration to me.

The last several weeks have been utter chaos for a variety of reasons and each one of my CP's has helped to keep me grounded. It's funny how when things happen in life - be them good or bad - it's like the flood gates open...and October has been one of those months -- but in a good way! 

I'm so greatful for all of my wonderful CP's who have honestly become some of my dearest friends over the years -- even if I haven't met all of them in person. And I'm not sure what I do without them.


I can't wait for Halloween tomorrow! Even though I'm too old to trick-or-treat myself (believe me, I would if I could!) and I don't have children of my own to take out -- I can't wait for all the ghosts and goblins to stop by our house! We have Costco boxes of the big candy bars to hand out and it always makes for tons of kids!

I also celebrated my niece's 5th birthday last weekend -- my sister threw an a-mazing party, themed "Bubbles and Pearls" ala The Little Mermaid.

She hand-made over 500 cookies just for the day and even made the cutest "jelly fish" out of streamers and paper bowls.

She is seriously in the wrong business and I so want her to throw my next b'day party for sure!

In two weeks she's throwing another b'day party for my twin niece and nephew that are turning one -- and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for that!