Friday Ramblings: Ode To Starbucks

Last Saturday marked my 100th day sans coffee and caffeine (did I mention I can't even have decaf?). 

And while I know this change overall is better for my health, there's really only one way to sum up exactly how I feel:

This. Blows.

Because you'll wanna trust me when I say: A WRITER WITH NO CAFFEINE, IS NOT SOMEONE YOU WANT TO MESS WITH.

I should get that printed on a t-shirt.  

Maybe at some point down the road, I'll get to where I'm no longer counting the days - after all, this is a total lifestyle change for me, and something I plan on committing to for the rest of my life.

Yep, I actually typed that...out loud. 

Granted, I will say I've let myself splurge a time or two. Because you might be able to take away my morning tall, double, skinny, hazelnut latte, but may the Gods be ever in your favor, if you take away chocolate, too. 

So while I attempt to come to grips with the fact Starbucks indeed, will NOT shut it's doors because I've stopped going there every morning (I do live in Seattle, after all!), I've succumbed to wandering the tea aisle at my Whole Foods...with a longing gaze over my shoulder at all the glorious coffee only shelves away; inhaling deeply as I walk past and fighting the urge to find a way to pump it straight into my veins.

At least I've been fortunate to come across some pretty amazing caffeine-free teas: Tazo Vanilla Rooibos (although I've learned the side effect of this one, is terrible heart burn!), Yogi Egyptian Licorice, and Numi Honeybush. Any of the above with a spoonful of blackberry honey = yum. 

However, great teas aside, I have no idea how I'm going to handle when fall rolls around - because that right there, means only one thing:

This my friends, is almost better than...well, I could list a number of things here. Because yes, it's that good.

But...I digress.

And now I'm off to go refill the hot water in my cup for my tea. Ho hum. 

With that, I'll leave you to answer: have you ever had to give up something you never thought you could and how did you handle it?

Happy Friday, everyone - hope you all have a wonderfully caffeinated weekend!