Blog Me MAYbe: There's Someone Awesome I'd Love For You To Meet

I can't believe it's already the 3rd Thursday in May - but since it is, that also means I get to share something about someone else today, in the Blog Me MAYbe blogfest.

But first, a video:


Many of you may have seen this video last week, as it rapidly took the world by storm. It was filmed by one of the patients in the hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital here in my neck of the woods, and features numerous other patients, as well as some of the amazing nurses there.

And why did I choose to share this video? Not only because it's inspiring, but also because this video touches a personal chord for me. 

You see, my older sister has worked for Seattle Children's Hospital for years. And while originally her job was one behind a desk, she'd surprised us all a couple of years ago, when she announced she'd decided to go back to school to become a nurse - a decision made based on much of what we'd been dealing with, with our mom. And not only had she decided to go back to school, but she was already more than halfway done with her course work! 

While I may be biased because she's my sister, I do think it takes a pretty amazing person to be able to work in the medical field, especially those that work with children...and even more so, when they work with kids that have cancer. A job I'm not sure I'd be able to do myself, which is why I'm sure I write for kids, instead.

My sister will graduate from the nursing program at Seattle University on June 10th - less than a month away - and once she's finished, not only will she have added a third degree to her repertoire, but more importantly, she'll also become one of the nurses shown in this video. She is fortunate to already work with all of these kids that have now become superstars, in the clinic she's in this quarter - and honestly, I can't wait to see her dancing around with the kids in a new video, next year.

I'm very proud of my sister and what she's decided to take on in her life. She'll make a fabulous nurse at Seattle Children's Hospital. And I'm grateful there are people like her and all the nurses in the video, that are unselfishly willing to do whatever they can, to find a cure for this horrible disease - and to help those who need it most.