Blogging from A to Z Challenge: Day 5 - Letter E

Day #5 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, with today's letter, E! And my topic?

E-Books vs. Real Books

This is a topic that can be divided into two teams and two teams only. I believe you're either a fan of e-books, or you're not. 

And me personally?

I just can't do it.

Yes, I have an iPad. I even have the Kindle app loaded on both of my phones. But even with all that, I can't seem to convert to an e-reader. There's just something about a real book - holding it in your hands, cracking it open for the very first time, and smelling the pages and ink. 

Maybe it's because I can't wait to have my own name printed on the cover of one. Or maybe it's just what I've grown up with - and well, I'm pretty darn stubborn and making the change to an e-reader just isn't going to happen. Or maybe it's because I believe in the traditional methods of printing and publishing - something that goes back hundreds of years. But I really think it's as simple as, I'm around technology all day: 2 cell phones, a desk phone, my iPad, and my MAC - then my laptop when I get home - so when I'm getting ready for bed and I pick up my book, the last thing I want is something that requires electricity to function. 

Whatever it is, I can promise you - I will always be a fan of real books. And I will always collect the hard cover editions of all my favorites - even if it means giving up a bedroom to turn it into a library. I'm a real book kind of girl - always have been, and always will long as they keep printing them. Good thing I have that library of mine, just in case.

E-Books vs. Real Books - Which side are you on and why?

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