Blogging from A to Z Challenge: Day 9 - Letter I

The great letter I is up in today's Blogging from A to Z Challenge - and my topic:


Inspirtion can come from many different places. And thanks to my passion for writing, I'm constantly looking for sources that inspire - here are some great places I go, for writing inspiration:

The Internet:

1. Pinterest
2. Google
3. Twitter
4. YouTube
5. Blogs

In Nature:

6. Going for a long drive
7. Opening my front door and taking a 5 minute walk
8. Watching a child swing at the local park
9. My garden

In my home:

10. Where I write
11. Where I cook
12. Where I watch TV
14. Where I read 

Out and About:

15. A great bookstore
16. The mall
17. The library
18. A sporting event
19. A previous vacation
20. Sitting in traffic

So many places can provide inspiration, if you just stop for 5 minutes to look at what surrounds you!

I find I get much of my inspiration for my writing, from my travels and the pictures I've taken. Not only do the pictures bring back great memories, but they give me a visual image to focus on. Here are a few pictures I've taken that I like to keep on hand: 

Anniversary in Kapalua, MauiBusiness trip to Machu Picchu, PeruHoneymoon in Italy

Inspiration: where do you find it?

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