Children's and YA Revenues Up Almost 41% in 2012

This week GalleyCat announced some exciting news for all of us Children's and YA writers:

According to the Association of American Publishers (AAP) StatShot report for the first half of 2012, sales revenue in the children’s and young adult category skyrocketed by nearly 41 percent, compared to the same period last year, rising to $845 million.

Those gains were driven by a 251.5 percent increase in children’s and young adult digital books (see the chart embedded above). At the same time, adult fiction and nonfiction sales increased 8.3 percent.

They also posted the below chart, which breaks down overall year-to-date sales by category as well. The AAP collected information from 1,186 different publishers to compile the report.

It's great to see sales in the Children's / YA category continue to climb, and definitely proves we're writing in the right genre! 

This year alone, I've purchased more than 75 YA books, almost all of which, were hardback...and only ONE adult title (GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn). And I can tell you I have my eye on several more YA titles before 2012 comes to a close!

So, have you done your part to contribute to the increase in Children's / YA book sales this year?