Friday Fives: Five Book or Movie Worlds I'd Love To Live In

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've done a Friday Fives posting (um, August? Yikes) - but I had a little free time to write and thought this one looked like fun!

Today's topic: What are the FIVE (book or movie) worlds you would love to live in?

1. From the amazing imagination of the woman who started it all: J.K. Rowling and the world of Harry Potter.

Who didn't read those books or watch the movies and dream about what it would be like to fly on a broom and chase the golden snitch or wave a wand and change into an entirely different person? 

2. The creative genius of my all-time most favorite author: Roald Dahl.

For years when I was little, I imagined what it would be like to cross through the old wraught iron gates and into everything that was so amazing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


3. Avatar and the world of Pandora.

I loved how everything was so luminescent - and to fly on one of those winged creatures would be so cool (I must have a thing about being able to fly...)!


4. Star Wars.

Oh, I wore my hair in side buns like the best of them (but was never in love with my own brother). And show me one person that can't swing an imaginary light saber without making that "wohhhhhhh" noise. You know you have the app on your phone, admit it.


5. The Matrix.

Who doesn't look bad-ass in all black leather (okay, that's a rhetorical question)? And to be able to bend like that? Yup, sold.



So - what worlds would love to live in if you could?

Happy Friday everyone!