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Blog Me MAYbe: What Writing Conferences Would You Like to Attend?

It's the last Wednesday of May, which similar to last week, means not only do I get to ask something about you - but I also get to participate in today's RTW! 

AND THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What book and/or writing conference would you love to go to?

For RTW's Conference Theme Week, they want to know which writing, reading, book blogging, or other publishing-related conferences are on your "must attend" list. Here's a great breakdown of some of the main conferences, as well as Phoebe's reminder that other kinds of conferences can totally relate to writing, too!

There are several conferences I'd love to go to, but in particular, I've got two I've always wanted to attend - and some day I will! What would be even better, is if all my writing pals out there were able to go, too - I'd love to meet so many of you in person!

1. Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators annual conference in LA:

2. BEA: Book Expo America in NYC:

So how about you? What writing conferences have you always wanted to attend?

Blog Me MAYbe: What Faction Are You?

It's Wednesday, which means not only do I get to ask something about you, but I also get to participate in today's RTW - something I haven't done in so long! 

And This Week's Topic: What Faction Are You?

In honor of Bookmobile Book of the Month, Veronica Roth's INSURGENT, I want to know which of the five factions in the DIVERGENT series would you choose?

Here's a great breakdown of the five factions, and if you're on the fence, you can even take the quiz for a hint!

And where did the quiz say I would land?

This would've been the faction I chose, quiz or no quiz, as it suits my personality perfectly...especially since I would've been the first to jump, too. :) But what about you?

Which faction would you choose?

Blog Me MAYbe: Friday Funnies!

Yay! for Friday!!!

Man, it's been a tough week around the ole' Pink Palace (check out this article to find out why). And while I'm grateful I still have a job...I'm still so glad the weekend is finally here!

My plans for the weekend include: dinner and a movie (probably BATTLESHIP - mmmm, Alexander Skarsgard!), revisions, and shopping for carpet for the WHOLE house (jealous, I know...).

A few Friday Funnies I just had to post, as they made me laugh this morning!

At 4'11" on a good day, I know how he feels...

And yet, all the characters in my first book had lush, rolling waves of fiery hair!


I actually think I need this for myself!

And if you're a dog owner, this is one of the funniest Tumblr sites - most of which I shouldn't post to my blog:

Happy Friday, everyone - what are your plans for the weekend?

Blog Me MAYbe: There's Someone Awesome I'd Love For You To Meet

I can't believe it's already the 3rd Thursday in May - but since it is, that also means I get to share something about someone else today, in the Blog Me MAYbe blogfest.

But first, a video:


Many of you may have seen this video last week, as it rapidly took the world by storm. It was filmed by one of the patients in the hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital here in my neck of the woods, and features numerous other patients, as well as some of the amazing nurses there.

And why did I choose to share this video? Not only because it's inspiring, but also because this video touches a personal chord for me. 

You see, my older sister has worked for Seattle Children's Hospital for years. And while originally her job was one behind a desk, she'd surprised us all a couple of years ago, when she announced she'd decided to go back to school to become a nurse - a decision made based on much of what we'd been dealing with, with our mom. And not only had she decided to go back to school, but she was already more than halfway done with her course work! 

While I may be biased because she's my sister, I do think it takes a pretty amazing person to be able to work in the medical field, especially those that work with children...and even more so, when they work with kids that have cancer. A job I'm not sure I'd be able to do myself, which is why I'm sure I write for kids, instead.

My sister will graduate from the nursing program at Seattle University on June 10th - less than a month away - and once she's finished, not only will she have added a third degree to her repertoire, but more importantly, she'll also become one of the nurses shown in this video. She is fortunate to already work with all of these kids that have now become superstars, in the clinic she's in this quarter - and honestly, I can't wait to see her dancing around with the kids in a new video, next year.

I'm very proud of my sister and what she's decided to take on in her life. She'll make a fabulous nurse at Seattle Children's Hospital. And I'm grateful there are people like her and all the nurses in the video, that are unselfishly willing to do whatever they can, to find a cure for this horrible disease - and to help those who need it most. 

Blog Me MAYbe: What Inspired You to be a Writer?

It's Wednesday - and for today's Blog Me MAYbe post, I get to learn something about all of you!

There are many reasons why we all write. Plenty of us have always wanted to be a writer, ever since we could hold a #2 pencil in our hands. For some, it's because of an amazing author or teacher, that sparked the creativity inside ofOh, so true... us. For others, maybe it wasn't until more recently that we realized writing can be an amazing way to express our creativity.

Whatever it is that made you decide, I'd like to know:

What or who inspired you to become a writer? 


BLOG ME MAYBE: LA / Disneyland Week in Review

It's Tuesday and today's Blog Me MAYbe topic is sharing something about myself. 

So most of you know I spent all of last week, down in LA - and what a week it was! 

First off, my husband and I went to Osteria Mozza last Monday night for dinner - and you'll never guess who sat down next to in, not even two feet in, I seriously could've leaned over and touched his beautiful arm.

Holy bejeezus it was none other than Lenny Kravitz, aka Cinna from THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

Now normally I think I do pretty well when faced with those of celebrity status - after all, they're only human, too, right?

But...I am a huge Lenny Kravitz fan - and well, we don't need to delve into how much I love THE HUNGER GAMES. So needless to say, I was a little, uh, star struck, when he sat down. And a little embarrassed to say, when he turned and smiled at me, I sheepishly giggled and looked at my toes, and I possibly may have even blushed.

And then awhile later, I sneezed - and he turned and said, "Bless you"...and I could barely muster a mumbled, "thank you" in response. 

Um, what????

No idea what was wrong with me. But at least by the time we left, I managed to say something somewhat intelligent about hoping he enjoys his dinner. Even though I really wanted to gush all over him and tell him how much of a fan I am. 

And while that may have been the highlight of my week, we still did a ton of other things - like Disneyland on my birthday.

I even got me a pair of Mickey ears, with my name and birthday embroidered on the back. Didn't even blink that for 2 pairs of ears (my husband wanted a pair, too), it ran me $60, cause it was all about the experience!

And dinner at Yamashiro's was amazing - no celebrity spottings there, but I did manage to drag my husband to the mall down the street afterwards, and buy my copy of INSURGENT!!! Which, holy bajolly, I loved and devoured in 3 days. I would've read it faster, had I been allowed to hole up in my hotel room and plow through it...but my husband had other plans, such as:

Six Flags Magic Mountain.

And let me tell you, all the anti-nausea meds in the world, didn't have a chance against the thrill rides of this park.

But mostly because, I've come to learn that my husband is crazy.

There wasn't a kid in that entire park, that had the energy my husband had. Seriously, he ran from getting off the ride, back around to getting back in line for it again. And it wasn't like we just sat in any ole' seat. 


We always had to sit either in the front or the back.

And while I may have felt like crap, my husband was having the time of his life...and considering he let me oogle like a school girl over Cinna, I at least had to give him this. And I'll admit, I was having a great time, as well. 

But while the weather was poop - cloudy, overcast, and mid-sixties the entire week - I will say that it was so much better than having to be in the office!!

And at least we finished off the week with one of my favorite all-time eateries:

In-n-Out Burgers

All I can say is, yum - and I wish we had one up in Seattle!

Net / net: LA was a blast. And I'm sad to have to trudge back to work. But I can't believe Lenny Kravitz spoke to me! Holy squeeeeeee!

Which leaves me to ask:

What famous celebrity have you met, and were you able to say anything intelligent?